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All our Spanish translators are native, mother-tongue speakers who have lived in Spain.

We use vetted, professional linguists with at least 5 years experience. Ask us to call you.

You probably don't speak Spanish yourself, but that's ok, because you can trust us...

  • All our Spanish translators are native, trained professionals, with at least 5 years experience
  • All Spanish translations are proof edited as standard
  • Our specialist Spanish translators have backgrounds in law, medicine, leisure, finance, engineering and more
  • We pay a premium to ensure we work with the best Spanish translators in the world

We're trusted by major global brands such as Sony, South African Airways and Citi but perhaps one of the most significant factors in choosing a translation agency it the rating given by their suppliers. Read why Web-Translations are the best translations agency to work with.

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Specialist Spanish Translation

All of our Spanish translators are native speakers who have lived in-country. They are trained professionals with at least five years of experience.

Your translators are carefully chosen to ensure that only the most suitably qualified translators and linguists undertake your projects. Specialist translators have backgrounds in marketing, law, medicine, leisure, finance, engineering, marketing and many other industries.

Spanish Glossaries and Terminology

For ongoing or large projects, we will manage your language asset. This means you won't ever pay for a sentence to be translated twice! Also, with our system, your terminology is kept consistent throughout your literature.

We can collaborate with your Spanish distributors/agents to ensure that the correct terminology is used and that the content is kept in your best interest.

Quality Procedures and Confidentiality

We work to a documented quality procedure born from experience. Less than 5% of the translators that apply to work with us are chosen. That's how committed we are to maintaining our excellent standards.

Confidentiality and security issues are taken very seriously. All employees and translators are bound by non-disclosure agreements.

About the Spanish Language

Spanish is born from Vulgar Latin, spoken by the proletariat of the Roman Empire, and is classified as a Romance Language.  It is the most widely spoken language in this family as a result of being spread by the Spanish Empire to Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Spanish writing employs the same Latin Alphabet as English, but with the addition of ñ (an n with a tilde accent over it) and the digraphs ll (elle) and ch.

The twentieth century has seen many alterations in how Spanish is used by its speakers. The eruption of neologisms, fuelled by technological and scientific advances, remains unabated. They most modern examples of which include the barely Hispanicised words 'filmar', 'radar', 'casete', 'PC' and 'módem'.

Depending on your target audience, you must decide whether to use a traditional, formal lexicon  or a more modern style (aimed for instance at a  younger audience) for your translation.  Our experienced translators will ensure you get exactly the tone you are after.